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BWell Podcast

Dec 17, 2020

Connection requires creativity right now.  In this mini-episode, Tanya shares how they are bringing their big beautiful family together without being together this holiday season.

Dec 9, 2020

Tis' the Season!  Looking to differentiate yourself?  Be someone who gives these 3 gifts to others right now.  In this episode, Tanya and Matt share 3 big ideas about how to show-up and serve this holiday season.

Dec 4, 2020

In this mini-episode, Tanya shares the answer to a frequently asked question--what is high performance coaching?  She shares her experience as a high performance coach and client.

Nov 19, 2020

Connection and communication are more important than ever! Our decision to follow-up can be impactful to the relationship. Few people follow-up unless there is an immediate need or reward for doing so, what if we lead and follow-up anyway?

Nov 12, 2020

In this interview, Matt shares his journey to a big pivot after 20 years.  How did he know it was time for a change?  What does it feel like to be a beginner again?  Matt shares the highs and lows of his transition, how he is navigating through, and what he is most looking forward to in this...