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BWell Podcast

Jul 29, 2021

We are at the edge of a new season and in this mini-episode, Tanya shares a powerful question for you to consider as we enter into a new month.  What does it mean for YOU to be winning right now?  

Jul 13, 2021

We are over halfway through 2021, can you believe it?  In this episode, Tanya and Matt share powerful questions you can ask of your life and business as you head into the next few months.  They share where they personally want to shift in order to finish the year strong and on-purpose!  

Jul 2, 2021

If everything is important, nothing is priority—so how do you decide?  In this mini-episode, Tanya shares 5 questions to help. When we are clear on our desired outcome, we can better honor our priorities.  If it doesn’t align with what needs our energy and attention most, we can be more confident saying no!